23 Apr

GEORGIA GUIDEOver four decades ago, Americans from all walks of life came together to tackle a shared challenge. Pollution damaged our health and livelihoods — from children swimming in contaminated streams to workers exposed to dangerous chemicals to city residents living under a thick haze of smog. The first Earth Day was a call to action for every citizen, every family, and every public official. It gave voice to the conservation movement, led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, and pushed our Nation to adopt landmark laws on clean air and water. This Earth Day, we remember that when Americans unite in common purpose, we can overcome any obstacle. BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATESGUIDESTONESWE WERE GROWING UP WATCHING CAPTAIN PLANET, BEING AN “ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS 90’S YOUTH” WITH “SAVE THE RAINFOREST” AS OUR ANTHEM, BUT WE COULDN’T SEE THE FOREST FROM THE TREES…   AS AN ADULT, YOU CAN USE NUMEROUS DIFFERENT COVERS AND CAUSES, BUT THEY ALL REALLY READ THE SAME THING: DEPOPULATION.  AKA VEILED EUGENICS PROGRAMS.HERE TED TURNER LETS THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG 1:33 INTO THE VIDEO, BRAZENLY ASKING A “GUEST” OF THE CAPTAIN PLANET HOLLYWOOD PREMIER,  “HAVE YOU TAKEN A POSITION ON POPULATION?”  WTF. THERE YOU HAVE IT, VEILED EUGENICS PROPAGANDA, CAMOUFLAGED AS CHILDREN’S ENTERTAINMENT.SAVE EARTHFLASH FORWARD 2014, DIVERGENT HITS THEATERS,  CURIOUS TO THE SYNOPSIS, THE POWER OF THE INTERNET REVEALED THE PLOT OF THE TRILOGY SET IN CHICAGO, AND THERE IT IS 1/2 WAY THROUGH BOOK 3. WHAT HAS REALLY BEEN GOING ON “Here they learn the truth about their society: many, many years ago, the government believed that society’s problems were caused by people’s bad genes. In an attempt to create a better society, they began to fix people’s genes with disastrous results. To fix its mistake, the government set up ‘experiments’, establishing isolated cities across the remains of the United States in the hopes of raising enough genetically pure (Divergent) individuals to fix the ‘genetic damage’ left in the wake of the Purity War.”DIVERGENT LOGOWHAT LOOKS LIKE A FAMILY ACTION ADVENTURE FRANCHISE, IS REALLY HOMEGROWN PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING,  A VEILED GMT FEMA/NWO/UN GENETIC CLEANSING PROPAGANDA TOOL.   REMINDS US OF THE RECENT OPERATION PERPETRATED BY THE UN IN HAITI “Survivors and family members of nearly 700,000 Haitians who have contracted cholera are suing the UNITED NATIONS, accusing the UN of covering up its role in starting the worst outbreak of the deadly disease in modern history.”UN NWO HAITI ATTACKIT’S NOT ALL DOOM AND GLOOM, INSTEAD OF SENDING MONEY TO INTERNATIONAL CHARITIES, OR PLACING TRUST IN ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCIES, WORK ON A MACRO LEVEL IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITY. SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS A VICTORY GARDEN HAS A BIGGER IMPACT THAN YOU MAY THINK. WE STILL LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE POISONS ARE AGGRESSIVELY MARKETED FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION.  JUST DON’T DRINK THE KOOL-AID, Diet Coke, or…MONSANTODEAR TED & CO, THE ILLUSION IS COMPLEX, AND THE DECEPTION IS WIDESPREAD, BUT THE BACKLASH IS BUILDING, & THE RESISTANCE IS RISING.  YOU CREATED THE PLANETEERS AS A BACK DOOR CONTROL MECHANISM, WHEN IN FACT YOU GAVE THE TOOLS OF YOUR UNDOING TO A DANGEROUSLY CAPABLE GENERATION. x X x  HAPPY EARTH DAYGLOBAL MANAGEMENT TEAM

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