3 Feb


As we are in such close proximity to APPLE, & many of us (LOYALLY)

Use Its Products, who can blame us? Apple has ingeniously made its name SYNONYMOUS with “CREATIVITY & THE CREATIVE LIFESTYLE

I wanted to share with you this fascinating article,  exposing some of Apples  UNETHICAL business practices going on Overseas in Asia.  It made my heart drop to hear the Presidential Speech, putting Apple on a pedestal(promoting & approving) as horrific human rights violations continue as standard practice.     ROTTEN TO THE CORE (APPLE DOES DAMAGE CONTROL!)

It at least puts things into perspective about the “Semi- Religious” company, so you can honor the lives of those workers who die for us to enjoy the use of touchscreen interfaces at least. Because inevitably the only people that can FORCE company’s to change their business practices, are their customers. In this day and age we are more than just blind consumers.  Spread The Word.


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