12 Aug



YALE SCHOOL OF ART 2011/2012 TUITION$32,500 (per year)
YALE SCHOOL OF ART 2017/2018 TUITION – $41,000 (per year)

ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART 2011/2012 TUITION -$41,700 (per year)

Arts education and creative thinking are paramount subjects if we want a generation to be able to think on their feet.  Yet Arts funding is generally the first thing to go when budget cuts happen in school, it’s more than just creative thinking, its also visual literacy, being able to break down what it is exactly that you are seeing, and the myriad of filters that alter our perceptions of reality, and understanding things in terms of context.  When you hit this threshold you can analyze the structures you are observing and interacting with.   Any subject with a complex history will develop its own in language that can seem exclusive, the Art World is no exception.  The Art Game is one of Smoke and Mirrors.  A strictly guarded club of insiders and cultural gatekeepers, based on a pretext of institutional keywords. A shortlist of “prestigious institutions”   that validate a level of acceptable education.  Yet it’s value is realistically  indeterminable .

There is a movement in progress which aims to demystify the creative AND critical processes surrounding art,  breaking the veil of smoke and mirrors, and in the process expand, and continue arts ever changing dialogue.

A fantastic example is BAD AT SPORTS , a contemporary art podcast, with an archive of 300+ Artist interviews and counting.  The interviews provide a window not only into the artists practice, language, references, and world, but also their interactions with the Art World, their triumphs and failures, the poetic and the mundane.  The journeys are revelations, and do not require any knowledge of the artist or their practice to benefit from these truly insightful conversations.  Some memorable interviews; Mark Bradford, Tania Bruguera ,   John Herschend ,   Ebony G. Patterson , Wendy White , Hennessey Youngman.SUMMER STUDY

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