27 Nov

VENUSArt Basel ABMB is the sister show of Art Basel in Switzerland. It’s all happening in early December in South Beach.

But first a look at where it all started…

Art Basel

Introduction: Like Art Basel ABMB, Art Basel features a wide range of public events, including Forums for Discussion – “Art Basel Conversations”, along with Film & Video and Performance Art. Each year in Europe, Art  Basel showcases every form of artistic expression, including paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photography, installations, performances, as well as internet and video art.

This past summer the works of close to 200 of the most collectable artists from around the world were on display. This unique display provided guests with a central platform for fascinating encounters with pieces fresh from the artist’s studio. With all works available for purchase, the special sector was an ideal place to sound out artistic trends.

History: The first Art Basel took place in 1970. It was founded by a group of local art dealers and has since than become one of the most prestigious art shows around the globe.


Other shows that focused on art in Europe this summer included the 52nd edition of the Venice Biennale, documenta 12 in Kassel, and the Sculpture show in Munster. I’ll feature these other shows (as well as specific art and artists) in upcoming articles.

Mission: Just as it is with Art Basel ABMB, the week of events is aimed at enhancing exchange amongst the movers and shakers of the art world. One forum is Art Basel Conversations, where current topics in art and collecting are featured. Each year the exhibitions allow a fresh look at relevant topics to anyone who’s interested and involved in creating, exhibiting, and collecting art. With an accent on innovative and large-scale works, everything from outsize sculptures and installations to video projections, wall paintings, and performances are both for show and for sale.

Talk About Art: In discussions hosted by Peter Aspden, arts writer of the Financial Times, The most important museums in Europe sat down to talk at Art Basel including – Mikhail Piotrovsky (Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg); Bernhard Mendes Bürgi (Kunstmuseum Basel); Klaus-Peter Schuster (Staatliche Museen, Berlin); Wilfried Seipel   (Kunsthistorisches  Museum,  Vienna), and Giandominico Romaneli (Venice Museums).

When: Art Basel Weekend: Last summer’s expo was held on the weekend of June 12 to June 14, 2009, Art 40 Basel celebrated the Art Basel Weekend, highlighting an impressive array of special activities at the booths of the participating galleries.


A partial list of participating galleries and artists are as follows: 

T. Kelly Mason (USA), Catherine Sullivan (USA), Galerie Guido W. Baudach, Thomas Helbig (Germany), Andreas Hofer (Germany), 1301PE, Los Angeles: Ann Veronica Janssens (Belgium), Kerry Tribe (USA), Paul Winstanley (United Kingdom) Alcuadrado, Bogotá: Miguel Ángel Rojas (Colombia) Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Katrine Helmersson (Sweden), Annika von Hausswolff (Sweden) John Stezaker (United Kingdom) Galerie Catherine Bastide, Geert Goiris (Belgium), Thomas Zipp (Germany) BQ, Cologne: Friedrich Kunath (Germany) Kevin Bruk Gallery, Richard Butler (United Kingdom), Jason Middlebrook (USA) Casa Triângulo, Sandra Cinto (Brazil), Stephen Dean (France), Juan Tessi (Argentina) The Approach, Cris Brodahl (Belgium), Edward Lipski (UK).DAVID BY WENDY COADSee more art at www.wendycoad.com

– Wendy Coad, 2009

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